LT wins MVP, Chargers #1 Seed 
Wrapping up the regular season with a home win against the Cardinals, the 14-2 Chargers are the first team in franchise history to win 14 games. LT also brought home the first rushing tittle in team history, and also became the first Charger to win the league MVP award. Oh, did I mention LT also won Offensive Player of they year? Yeah, he got that one too. He really is "Mr. Everything", as Josh Lewin calls him.

With the first position in the AFC playoff seeding, the Chargers have secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs as well as a first round bye. I almost don't believe what I'm seeing when I look at the playoff bracket, and San Diego is sitting there in the top spot. All of that means little, though, if they don't continue to play tough, disciplined football and win two more games. That's what needs to happen if the Chargers are to take Marty to his first Super Bowl.

LT, 2006 MVP & Offensive Player of the Year

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LT breaks record, Chargers win AFC West 
After watching LT score his NFL record 29th TD of the year, I was almost lost for words. This is a great time to be a Chargers fan, and a great time to be a fan of pro football in general. We are watching history folks, we're seeing the games greatest player at the top of his game. As is popular to say now days, LT is the Michael Jordon of pro football (which is a line I used first, ask Scott). Has any player of any sport achieved such a level since MJ left the Bulls? LT is the only one I can think of

Seeing LT hoisted up onto the shoulders of his teammates was a moment I will be telling my kids about...yeah, they were in the room with me when it happened, but I don't think either of them had a clue what dad was so excited about. The win combined with the Ravens beating the Chiefs earlier in the day gave the Bolts their 2nd AFC West tittle in 3 years. Factor in the Colts loss to the Jags and San Diego is sitting on top of the entire AFC with 3 games to go...2 of those at home.

Ladanian Tomlinson

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LT & Chargers Make History 
LT is now the fastest player in NFL history to reach the 100 touch down mark, doing so in 89 games and beating the record shared by Jim Brown and Emmit Smith of 93 games. I was on the edge of my seat Sunday night, as I watched the Bolts take on the Broncos in a showdown for 1st place of the AFC West.

LT only needed two TD's to break the record, but he gave us 4 in a 35-27 win over Denver. What makes this win so sweet is how long it took the Chargers to get it. We have lost 6 straight games in Denver, an LT had never before had a 100 yard game. LT scorched the Broncos D for 105 yards and 3 TD rushing and 74 yards and 1 TD receiving for a total of 179 yards.

As a team, the Chargers are the first in NFL history to win back to back games after trailing in each by 17+ points, and the Chargers did so on the road and with an injury plagued defense. There were times when the coaching staff was struggling to find defensive players to put on the field, and they even had to pull some plays out of the plan because they didn't have the players to run them.

But this is a different Chargers team than we have seen in years past. Maybe it's Philip Rivers. Maybe it's a different approach from head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Or maybe it's just the fact that the Chargers are hungry, confident and ready to take the fight all the way. No matter how you look at it, this team stands out from others in recent memory.

We have just one more game without star line backer Shawne Merriman, and it's at home against the Raiders. I can hardly wait for the return of "Lights Out". The last thing I heard him say publicly was that the Chargers would win 4 straight without him. And with the worst of the 4 games behind us, it looks like he was right.

Ladanian Tomlinson

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Week 19 Update 
I know I promised to post an updated pic two weeks ago...but with everything going on in the family and with work and the gym I truly haven't had the time until now. So, here you go. When I started this blog at week 4, I weighed in at 225 lbs. I didn't see any real loss until week 14, when I took a week off the weights and opted for 5 consecutive cardio days. That took me down to about 215 lbs, loosing 10 lbs in one week.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've rearranged my workout schedule a bit, adding more cardio days each week and fewer lifting days. This proved to give me a better recovery period, and has also sped up my fat loss. As of last night, I'm down to 207!

I'm currently doing another week of 60 minute cardio sessions, this time going for 6 days straight. I hope to be down to 200 lbs or less by the end of next week...which means I only have 7 lbs to loose over the next 10 days. This should be a lock, as I'm currently dropping about 2 lbs a day, walking 4 miles a night at an 11% incline.

I don't know if you'll see a big difference in the photo's, I don't, but in person and in the mirror I see big changes. I actually had to put another notch in my belt the other day to keep my pants from falling off my ass...which is a change, because the last time I added a notch to my belt it was in the other direction.

Compare: Week 4 vs. Week 19

Week 19

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It's been a while... 
Yes, I know I've been slacking big time on this blog...but between work and the gym I've been too busy and too tired to do much when I get home other than eat, shower and sleep.

So let's catch up. This is the end of Week 16!!! I have only missed 1 workout, and that was on my Birthday last week. I've stuck to my diet without any cheating. I'm still giving myself a little freedom on the weekends, but I keep it to Sundays for the most part...I gotta have beer and wings when I watch the Chargers.

Now the nitty-gritty. I've made several adjustments to my training and diet, but nothing major. I've increased the number and length of my cardio sessions and decreased the number of weight training days each week. I now do 60 minutes of low intensity cardio on Monday, lift on Tuesday and Wednesday with 40 minutes of low intensity cardio afterwards, and another 60 minutes on Thursday and Saturday.

These adjustments were made for a couple reasons. For one, the amount of weight I'm lifting has increased so much that my body needs extra time to recover. Second, I wanted to burn fat a little quicker so I upped the cardio and also dumped the ABB Mass Recovery drinks and replaced them with a scoop of whey protein in milk. This cut my evening calorie intake by 360.

Over all it's been a very good experience for me. I feel better, I look better and I enjoy my time at the gym...even when it hurts. I'm not done yet, so stay tuned for more updates. I'll work harder at keeping this blog updated, and I'll post an updated photo this week, I promise!

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Chargers 40, Titans 7 
Philip Rivers looked solid and comfortable in a 40-7 route of the Titans. Completing 25 of 35 for 235 yards, Rivers had 1 TD and 0 interceptions. The talk we heard last week about Rivers not being ready for the "pro arena" has surely lost it's steam now. After two weeks Rivers has the 4th highest passer rating in the league at 107.4.

Although the defense didn't record any sacks this week they kept the Titans offense in check, allowing only 1 pass completion and 1 first down in the first half. Merriman and Jammer both grabbed interceptions to keep our turn-over ratio on the plus side. The Super Chargers have yet to turn the ball over in 2006, and have also refused to let Rivers get sacked.

LT had 19 caries for 71 yards and 2 touch downs, while Michael Turner wowed us once more with 138 yards on 13 carries. I'm going to hate it when we have to give him up, but he's so good that it's only a matter of time before he's starting for another club.

This season is off to a great start. At this time last year we were looking at 0-2. We lost our home opener to Dallas and lost to a division rival in Denver. This year we open with a division win on the road and locked down the house in our home opener. I can't wait to see where we go from here.

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Shawne Merriman Answers Back! 
A week or two ago I made a visit to Shawne Merrimans' website where I found a section called Ask Shawne. Before training camp started I read that "Lights Out" had gained 10Lbs of muscle while lowering his body fat significantly during the off season. I decided to ask Shawne if he had any advice for my training, and although short, I got a personal response!

Click Here to view the question and answer on

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Chargers Black Out the Black Hole 
Superman without a cape. That's how Shawne Merriman described LT as he introduced the Chargers starters for ESPN, and Tomlinson lived up to the intro. Rushing 31 times for 131 yards and 1 TD, LT carried the load in a 27-0 stomping of the Raiders. Don't take anything away from Rivers though, he was brilliant.

Although he was only asked to pass 11 times, he gave big plays for big gains when we needed it. My favorite play of the night came on 3rd and 7 late in the 4th quarter. With pressure coming quick, Rivers stood his ground and delivered a 38 yard bulls eye to Eric Parker before being plowed down by Warren Sapp. The two sat on the ground watching the ball hang in the air, with Sapp stomping and spitting as Parker reeled it in.

The best part? The Chargers come out of Week 1 as the only AFC West team not at 0-1. Want more? Next week the Chiefs play the Broncos in Denver, so one of them will be 0-2 next week. The Raiders travel to Baltimore, so there may be two 0-2 teams in the west. Things should be looking good when we take a bye in week 3.

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